Thursday, May 28, 2015

Lost Leaders

From a bookmark list of 'bands to check out', via an old tweet from Vanessa Kafka, I finally listened to the Westchester/Brooklyn-based band Lost Leaders.

They have a great laid-back, slow-to-mid-tempo classic rock feel. I am going to enjoy listening to them this summer...

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


I love finding bands on Bandcamp. I have a personal library of the music I have purchased, and have snagged even more for free when it's been offered at that price.

There are so many acts/genres to choose from on the Bandcamp site, and when I discover something new that is amazing or catchy, I buy it. It is such a good feeling to help support musicians who just want to be heard. And even better is finding new stuff from bands I already like.

Her are a few works I highly recommend, and plan to buy soon:

  • Night Lines by Cuushe. Check out their album "Butterfly Cases". I loved it so much when I first heard it, that I bought the cd and the digital.
  • Leave You by Elastic Sleep. There is a definite Lush influence in this Irish band's debut. I want the vinyl too, but I'll be happy with just the digital for now.
  • Demos EP by Cherry Crush. I have had several of this band's offerings in heavy rotation for awhile now.
  • EP by Muscle Beech. A fun bunch of surf songs, perfect for this upcoming summer, whether you live near a beach or not!
  • Reminisce by Evil Needle. Jazzy instrumentals that were sent to my in box by HW&W Records. Check out the label's other stuff too ( I recommend Mike Gao and Stwo, among others).

Friday, January 9, 2015

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Beer Review - Two I Missed

Fantastic beer - 4/5 stars

Nostalgia from my 6 years in the Portsmouth, NH area.
Great beer, even better on tap.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Beer Review - Sculpin IPA

22 ounce bottle.
IPA's are my beer style of choice. On a whim today I picked up this offering from San Diego's Ballast Point Brewing Company, their Sculpin India Pale Ale. I found out that even after finishing a 22 ounce bottle, I could probably still drink it all day. It's flavor is in the sweet spot between a good 'typical' IPA and Magic Hat's #9 Not Quite Pale Ale.

Bonus: the sunset after imbibing!